Even Financial Surpasses $1.5 Billion in Loan Requests, Increases Online Loan Originations by 205 Percent

Via proprietary API, more than one million users have applied for financing

New York, NY – December 13, 2016 – Even Financial, the first and only dedicated supply-side platform for online finance products and services, has increased loan originations by 205 percent quarter over quarter since the beginning of 2016. With more than $1.5 billion in loan requests, the platform has grown to serve over one million customers with its proprietary API and a broad network of consumer portal partners, backed by leading analytics and funnel optimization designed specifically for online finance.

Working with the most comprehensive set of online finance partners, including Prosper, Ascend and Upstart, Even Financial has seamlessly integrated the top online finance intuitions into an industry leading real-time API for search, comparison and recommendation. To date, using traditional finance portals and tools, customers searching for online finance products and services have received static and canned results. The Even Financial API unifies and enhances an increasingly fractured online finance ecosystem to amplify monetization, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, and holistically improve the user experience for online lenders, publishers and borrowers.

“Like other major industries, finance products and services have moved online and fractured. The online finance space needed a trusted intermediary platform to facilitate access and provide transparency, compliance, efficiency and scale,” said Phill Rosen, CEO of Even Financial. “At Even Financial, we are committed to providing the best in-depth, integrated tools that address the growing supply-side needs of this online landscape. Our success in providing meaningful solutions for our partners across the ecosystem, including both financial services institutions and publishers, has fueled our rapid growth over the last 12 months.”

For financial institutions, Even Financial enables rapid scaling of partner and affiliate programs with ease. The Even Financial API matches qualified borrowers with optimized real-time results of the finance products and services that best serve their needs, increasing customer conversion rates for online lenders by three times. Additionally, Even Financial ensures the compliance, security and data that lenders need at scale.

“We’ve significantly reduced customer acquisition costs relative to other partners during our rollout with Even Financial,” said Steve Carlson, CEO of Ascend.

“By giving access to vetted customers, Even Financial serves as a perfect complement to lending platforms,” said Ron Suber, president of Prosper.

The Even Financial platform now serves over 100 affiliate partners to provide a single endpoint to integrate a holistic suite of financial products and services. Publishers who utilize the platform are able to increase revenue per site visit, via the best user experience for loan search which includes comparison and automated personalized product recommendations, and easy integration for streamlined compliance, security and technical implementation.

Even Financial works closely with complimentary special partners, such as Orchard, the leading demand-side technology and data provider for marketplace lending, to pioneer the infrastructure of the online lending community as part of the evolving Online Lending Ecosystem.

For more information on Even Financial and its offerings, please visit: https://evenfinancial.com.


About Even Financial
Even Financial is the first and only dedicated supply-side platform for online finance products and services. Via its proprietary API, Even Financial creates real-time matches between qualified customers and the right finance products and services at the right time, while providing transparency and reduced cost of acquisition to online finance products and services providers. Working with leading online finance institutions, as well as an affiliate network of over 100 sites, Even Financial provides a holistically integrated, cutting-edge, user-friendly platform with leading back-end analytics. The Even Financial platform enables a new generation of real-time online financial products and services for both business and consumers. To learn more about Even Financial, please visit: https://evenfinancial.com.

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