Even Financial Creates New Marketplace, New Pricing Model to Increase Performance of In-App Advertising

Real Time Pricing (RTP) Programmatic Marketplace Enhances Monetization Strategies,

Transparency and User Experience for Financial Services Advertisements    


New York, NY – July 11, 2017 – Even Financial, the definitive supply-side API and platform for online consumer financial products and services, today announced the launch of its Real Time Pricing (RTP) Programmatic Marketplace. Leveraging Even Financial’s proprietary data, machine learning and predictive algorithms, the RTP technology creates a state-of-the-art marketplace with a new pricing model for in-app, online advertising and performance marketing, specifically by financial services institutions and affiliates.


RTP features are designed to enhance the user experience, monetization strategy and transparency of the online financial services advertising market. Using Even Financial’s RTP plug-in, publishers and mobile app developers can seamlessly run native, personalized financial services offers from multiple categories including lending, mortgages, credit-cards and other banking products. Central to the RTP technology is a new pricing model that offers a unique, consumer-specific payout event for each offer based on the offer and the consumer’s intent. This model is not based on traditional cost per click (CPC), but rather on an entirely new concept of predictability. This unique structure moves the payout event upstream and reduces risk for Even Financial’s partners while creating a more transparent marketplace.


For both partners and the financial institutions looking to market on those channels, this technology has created a more efficient marketplace. Publishers who have used RTP thus far, have experienced a lift in monetization of over 125%. The financial services institutions that are plugged into Even Financial’s platform have seen a closer alignment of underwriting with their advertising efforts, resulting in reduced costs and improved borrower performance.


“Even Financial’s Real Time Pricing technology is addressing some of the key challenges currently facing the financial services online advertising market, specifically with in-app placements,” said Phillip Rosen, CEO and co-founder of Even Financial. “Our pricing model revolutionizes our partners’ ability to monetize their content by leveraging our platform’s data to serve specific, tailored offers that integrate directly with account onboarding. This ultimately improves both the user experience and conversion rates, benefiting all sides of the transaction.”


RTP’s predictive technology serves specific financial products in front of the most relevant customers. This real-time strategy is based on actual, extensive user data, and pushes underwriting criteria into the decision of whether or not to serve an ad to a consumer. As opposed to static banner ads or links to generic landing pages, RTP’s proprietary algorithm serves tailored product recommendations, sourced from $3 billion worth of loan application data processed on the Even Financial platform. The impact of this design is felt on all sides of the market: it creates a better overall user experience for partners and consumers, while producing higher conversion rates for financial services institutions.


Even Financial’s RTP is currently available for integrations with both apps and websites. For more information on Even Financial and its offerings, please visit: www.evenfinancial.com.





About Even Financial

Even Financial is the definitive supply-side API and platform for online consumer financial products and services. Via its proprietary API, Even Financial creates real-time matches between qualified consumers with the right financial products and services at the right time, while providing transparency and reduced cost of acquisition to online finance products and services providers. Working with leading online finance institutions, as well as an affiliate network of over 100 sites and apps, Even Financial provides a holistically integrated, cutting-edge, user-friendly platform with leading back-end analytics. The Even Financial platform enables a new generation of real-time online financial products and services for both business and consumers. To learn more about Even Financial, please visit: www.evenfinancial.com.


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