Even Financial Launches Programmatic Acquisition Tools for Online Lenders

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2016 – ­Even Financial, the supply side platform for online lending, today announced Even Programmatic Acquisition – the first dedicated marketing tools that allow online lenders to identify borrowers who are in-market for a loan and initiate multi-channel campaigns with tailored messaging to these audiences.

“As other pieces of the lending ecosystem have become more enabled and real-time, the process for customer identification and acquisition has the opportunity to become equally sophisticated,” said CEO Ian Rosen. “Through Even’s partner network, data tools and lender relationships, Even builds unique data about how to identify and engage with borrowers for each lender’s specific model. We now want to make those tools available to lenders directly.”

Even Programmatic Acquisition allows lenders to leverage Even’s proprietary data and its network of publishers and affiliates to build a list of borrowers who match their lending criteria. Lenders can then create campaigns to reach these borrowers using trigger-based direct mail, Facebook advertising, and sponsored listings on Even’s network of publishers and affiliates.

“These are powerful tools built to take advantage of our industry-specific data set; nowhere else can online lenders find marketing tools that enable them to reach exactly the right customers this quickly,” said Phillip Rosen, CTO and President.


Delivers intelligent custom mailers in under 48 hours and leverages the most effective acquisition channel using Even’s custom audiences.


Enhances traditional Facebook ad campaigns with additional fields specific to lending, and builds custom and lookalike audiences using Even’s proprietary data.


Features lenders on Even’s proprietary tools across its network of publisher and affiliate partner websites that are educating borrowers about online lending.

Even Programmatic Acquisition is live and immediately available for use. To learn more, visit Even’s Partner site.

About Even Financial

Even Financial is the supply side platform for online lending, matching borrowers with top loan providers based on real-time industry and consumer insights. The Even team works to demystify online lending and help borrowers navigate the new financial landscape with user-friendly content and educational tools while giving lending platforms more advanced borrower acquisition and engagement tools.

EVEN Financial was founded in 2014 and is based in New York, NY. Investors include Canaan Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and F-Prime Capital.


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