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Why Choose a Personal Loan in 2016?

Personal loans are becoming more popular as people realize they can get a better rate on a personal loan than on a credit card. Some even improve their credit score in the process.

The most important thing you should do when considering a personal loan is to shop around. You will find the best deal by comparing rates from different loan providers and ultimately save money on interest.

Your credit score plays a large part in the interest rates loan providers will offer, but not all loan providers offer the same rates.

It is important to know your current credit score and make sure it is accurate. If something looks off on your score, you can file a request to reassess. Your best credit score will help you get your best loan offer.

Personal Loan Search 101

1) Compare terms from top providers
2) Assess interest rates and fees (some providers include an origination and application fee to process your loan)
3) Compare overall savings and monthly payments (only take out a loan that you can pay back)

A personal loan generally means you have a fixed interest rate, fixed term, and fixed payment so there are no surprises and you can be sure of the date of your last payment. Use our quick and secure personal loan search above to compare your best offers today!

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