Be Aware Of Fraud Attempts

At Even Financial we understand and work each day to guarantee that our customer’s trust in our services is at the forefront of all of our offerings. Therefore, we want to apprise you of some best practices in order to ensure that any email or other correspondence is coming from us.

Even Financial:

  • Will not seek to obtain money, charge a fee or ask for gift cards at any stage of its process
  • Will not offer prizes, awards, funds, certificates, automated teller machine (ATM) cards or scholarships
  • Will not ask for banking credentials or any personal banking information
  • Will never contact you to complete contract agreements via DocuSign or any other comparable service
  • Will never send you an email from a web-based address like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! If you receive an email such as or something similar, it is not from Even Financial. Our Email address is
  • Will never request any information via text messaging

Keep in mind that our lending partners may require personal information that is necessary to process your request for a loan, savings account or credit card.

Even Financial strongly recommends that recipients of such solicitations as those described above exercise extreme caution in respect of those solicitations. We encourage you to protect your personal information and use your judgment. The FTC has security resources and scam categories to help you identify and report scams.

FTC resources

Report a scam to the FTC

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Be Aware of Fraud Attempts - Click here for important information to safeguard your personal data.