Credit Cards


Partners have the ability to display credit card offers on their site(s) using the Even platform. The credit card embed can be placed anywhere on a partner’s page and can broaden the partner’s ability to monetize their users through the credit card vertical.

Credit Card Rewards

The Rewards Value Feature adds a Cash value amount representing how much a user would earn in rewards on a card given their spending habits to their offers. It is enabled by setting the parameter credit_card_rewards_enabled to true.

Credit Card Advanced Configurations

Alternate and more advanced credit card application flows are available for cases where partners want their embed to fit into a smaller space or would like to optimize the experience for different users or device types. These advanced settings allow partners flexibility in the way they present these forms to consumers, giving partners more control over the user experience to utilize the flow that works best for their use case. Please consult with your account manager to ensure your account is set up properly before changing these settings in production.

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