Create an Embed Integration

Integrate Embed on your Site


Embeds (i.e., embeddable widgets) provide access to Even’s network and the ability to integrate a native, partner-hosted integration with very little technical lift. Embeds support fully customizable branding and design to deliver a seamless customer journey.

The Embed Code

Even provides unique Embed code during onboarding, including the following partner-specific elements:
  • “subaccountname” is the name of the specific integration
  • “access_token” is a unique string that gives the Embed access to Even’s API
  • “company_uuid” is a unique back-end identifier to which data and conversions will be tied in Even’s reporting systems
Embed Code - Javascript Example
The embed requires two snippets of code to be added on your site: the helper script and the embed iframe itself.
The helper script is shown below and is the same for all partners, it should be placed before the closing </head> tag.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""/>
Then, whereever you would like to put the actual embed, use the snippet generated by control center. It will look like the following:
<iframe class="even-iframe" id="iFrameResizer0" scrolling="no" src="" style="width: 100%; border: none;"></iframe>

Implementing the Embed Code

To implement the Embed code, paste the provided iFrame code onto the source code of the web page or mobile app. The code is not intended to be used as a web page, it is an extension or plug-in on a web page or app. The responsiveness of the iFrame will largely depend on the development of the page. It is possible to add additional inline styling to make changes to the iFrame.
And that's it!

What's next?

Now that you have the baseline installation complete, you can customize the embed to match your brand's styles, optimize the journey for your users, and send data properties to learn more and optimize your funnel.