Create an API Integration

This document explains the most basic API integration and required steps.


By integrating with our native API directly, you unlock complete control and customization for the user experience. While each product type has various additional requirements all products use the same core sequence flow.
Welcome to Even’s Native API Integration Guide for the Loans Marketplace. This document contains everything needed to integrate with Even’s platform and match users with offers from Financial Services partners. The guide will cover how to build a complete and compliant user experience, how to post information to and retrieve offers from Even’s API, and answer the most common questions around integrating with Even.
If this is your first time integrating with Even, we recommend you start with a Hosted solution, even if you are building your API integration concurrently.

Minimum Flow

The high level process works as follows. All requests require proper authentication.
  1. 1.
    Gather/Ask all required user data using your own systems
  2. 2.
    Create a Lead using POST /leads
  3. 3.
    Create a RateTable using POST /leads/:id/rateTables
  4. 4.
    Retrieve offers from /rateTables/:id

Gather all required data

You will need to collect the required fields and display necessary disclosures to your users.

Create a Lead

A lead represents an application for a product with Even, and has a unique id once created. You can create a lead with all data at once, or create a partial or empty lead and update it as data becomes available.
Create a lead by calling POST /leads with available data. The full spec and examples can be found here. The endpoint will respond with a unique UUID (leadUuid) which can be used to reference the lead in future calls.

Create a Rate Table

Once your lead has all required fields, you can create a rate table, which will initiate a search using the lead's information and preferences across our network. When you create a rate table, we return the rate table's id (uuid) and a list of partners who we are reaching out to for offers.
To create a rate table with an existing lead, POST /leads/:uuid/rateTables . The full spec can be found here, and the response should look like the following image. Note that "pendingResponses" contains information about the Financial Services partners to whom Even is sending user information.

Retrieve Offers from a Rate Table

Once a rate table is created, you can query it via GET /rateTables/:uuid to get the most up to date set of offers and list of any pending partner requests. This allows you to use the most up to date information to show offers to your users, and indicate if any requests are still pending, or you can wait for all requests to complete by polling. You can find the complete spec for this endpoint here.
Never store rate table responses, as their contents may change at any time as offers are not static and do expire. Store only the rate table uuid and fetch the rate table using GET /rateTables/:uuid when needed.
When displaying offers, you must meet all compliance requirements and undergo compliance and partner review before activation. You can find the full guide for loan offer display here.
The guides below explain in more detail how to collect user information and display offers we return to you.