Displaying Loan Offers

Required Fields

Even’s Financial Services partners require partners building a Native API integration to display a basic set of information associated with their offers. Here are the required fields to display:
  • Financial Services partner Logo
  • Offer Amount ($)
  • Offer Term Length (#)
  • Offer Term Unit (ie. Month)
  • Offer Term Description
  • Offer APR Amount (%)
  • Offer APR Description
  • Offer Monthly Payment Amount ($)
  • Offer Monthly Payment Description
  • Pre-Approved or Pre-Qualified designation
  • Offer Disclaimer
  • Offer More Information
Here is an example of how an unsecured personal loan product is represented on Even’s owned experiences:
Upon clicking the Disclaimer & more info linked text, this pop up appears which displays the Offer Disclaimer and More Information:

Additional Display Properties for specialty product subtypes