Life Insurance Reference


Partners can enable a turnkey insurance marketplace that will match users with the insurance plan that will best meet their needs. Personalized quotes shown will provide three levels of life insurance plans (Basic. Essential, and Elite). Application is completed on LeapLife website (with some offers completed through phone).

Insurance Experience for the User

A user would submit information about themselves in order to get recommended life insurance policies depending on their age and basic health information.

After users complete the application they are shown the most relevant recommended quotes of varying coverage amounts. Users can explore each life insurance quote and its details. Once the user finds a policy they are interested in, they are redirected to LeapLife’s website to customize their quote and complete their application

Implementation Instructions

SOURCE URL Below is the Source URL to embed in an iframe wherever the life insurance embed will be displayed. html?availableproducts=life_insurance&access_token={TOKEN}&company uuid={COMPANY}&partner={PARTNER} The TOKEN, COMPANY, PARTNER fields will be provided by the Even partner manager.


Style changes can be made to the insurance embed by appending query parameters to the Source URL. Note: Currently, only one iframe from Even may be used per page.