API Release Notes




Add federalInsuranceType to savings offers

On savings offers, specify the type of federal deposit insurance that applies to the offer, if it was provided by the financial institution. Could be one of fdicforthe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or ncua for the NationalCredit Union Administration.



Approval Probability

Add Approval Probability Endpoint for Loans

We've added the first approval probability endpoint for loans. This endpoint returns the likelihood that a user with specified attributes will be approved for a loan offer.
The user attributes are limited to non-PII, including:
  • annual income
  • credit rating
  • total debt
  • count of derogitories
  • state of residence
  • loan purpose
  • loan amount
Only income and credit rating are required.
An approval probability for the entire Even network is returned, along with approval probabilities specific to financial intitutions. Each of these are potentially further broken down by APR range and / or load product sub-type.
The main use case for this endpoint is to conditionally redirect users to a partner page if their approval probability is above a desired threshold.
This endpoint is currently marked as experimental, and so access will be granted on a per-partner basis.




Add optional partnerPageUrl and embedUrl to the RateTable schema

We’ve added partnerPageUrl and embedUrl to the RateTable schema. This makes it easy for channel partners to POST lead data to the API (via the “Submit lead” endpoint), and present offer results either on a hosted partner page or in an embedded experience. Both options are optimized, compliant and white-labeled.
To show offer results on a partner page, simply redirect the user to the URL value of partnerPageUrl. To show offers results in an embed, add the following elements to the DOM:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <iframe scrolling="no" src="{{rateTable.embedUrl}}" style="width: 100%; border: none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Where {{rateTable.embedUrl}} is replaced with the value of embedUrl.
The partnerPageUrl and embedUrl will only be present on the RateTable if an integration is properly configured in Control Center. If one is configured, the values will be returned on the initial call to the “Submit lead” endpoint, along with subsequent calls to “Get rate table” endpoint.




Add eventData to LeadEvent schema

We’ve added the eventData property to the LeadEvent schema that is returned from the “Get lead events” endpoint. This property’s value is an object with a polymorphic schema which contains data specific to the event’s eventType.
The eventData property and it’s sub-properties are all optional. Availability of data will depend on the financial institution from which the events originated. Initially most data will be absent, but will be filled in as it becomes available.
The eventData schemas replace the existing productType and amountInCents fields. Once the data available in eventData reaches parity with these fields, they will be marked as deprecated and removed in the next major version.
In future releases, we will add new properties to specific instances of the EventData schema. As with the initial properties, data availability will depend on the source financial institution.