Autofill Existing Customer Data


This document is intended to help partners using the Partner Page or Embed integrations to pre-populate select fields on the application form.

Partner Page & Embed Pre-Population Overview

Partner Page Overview

Even Partner Pages are Even-hosted white-labelled or co-branded pages that require very little technical integration. Partner Page websites support customizable design and co-branding options to deliver a seamless customer journey
Partner Page fields can be pre-populated by adding query parameters to the Partner Page URL in the below format:

Embed Overview

Even Financial Embeds (embeddable widgets) provide access to Even’s network and the ability to integrate a native, partner hosted integration with very little technical lift.
Embed fields can be pre-populated by adding query parameters with key-value pairings to the source URL of the Embed code in the below format:
*If the query parameter is added at the beginning of the source URL path or Partner Page URL path, replace & with ?

Pre-Population Options by Initial Step

For both the Partner Page and Embed integrations, there are two different experiences for users to start the initial step:
  • Preview Step displays static offers from Even’s network of financial institution partners as the first step of the user experience. Offers can be sorted by credit rating, ZIP code, loan purpose, and amount. Users can click into a static offer to begin filling out the form. Preview Step is recommended for partners who want to utilize offer values and financial institution brand equity to encourage users to enter the flow. **
  • Form Step displays the first question of the form (i.e. “Why do you need a loan?”). Using the Form Step, users can begin filling out the form immediately. Forn Step is recommended for partners who want to maximize funnel efficiency and minimize the number of clicks in the form flow.

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