Create Your First Integration

Once you have created a Control Center account, you’ll start your 30-day trial period. During this trial period, we encourage you to explore the platform by creating your first integration, a Partner Page, through our convenient step-by-step process or activate your plan. You will have access to certain key features, as well as visibility into other features made available upon purchasing a plan.
To learn more about our other two integrations, click the preview buttons under the “Embed” and “Native” integration options.
The next steps include entering an integration name and website link (where you will be sharing the Partner Page), as well as uploading your company logo. (Linking to your website is necessary for compliance approval.) Our personal loans product will be selected by default for the trial period. After you purchase a plan, you will be able to create integrations for other financial products as well.

Interact With Partner Page Wizard

We invite you to interact with our Partner Page Wizard to see what the page would look like through our natural step-by-step flow. We also have added a feature on the upper left corner that allows you to see what your page would look like on desktop and mobile views.
Certain features are locked for our trial users. Depending on what package you have selected, the capabilities that you will have access to while customizing your page design template will vary. You can find more information on each of these features in the tooltips, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]
When you’re filling out the step-by-step form in the Wizard and reach the last step, you will see a list of dummy offers that depicts how our offer wall would look to the user. After you purchase a plan and publish the partner page, you will be live on the Even network and your users will be matched with personalized, programmatic offers from our financial institution partners.