Getting Started With Even

We are excited to start our partnership with you! As one of our partners, you get immediate access to generate personalized offers within the loans, credit cards, life insurance and savings verticals. The Even platform helps you maximize revenue and provide a better experience for your users using our search, comparison and recommendation engine.
Even allows partners to submit leads via an API or via turnkey solutions. Even has a network of 200+ channel partners where we acquire consumers through all major omni channel touch points including web, app, POS and call centers.
Through Even, you'll be able to connect your users with any of our product catalog (loans, life insurance, etc) using any of our Hosted Integration Options or via our Native API. You can mix and match products and integration options, and use multiple integrations as you scale, so you aren't locked in to any integration.
To experience this first hand, let's create a simple Embed Integration to offer Personal Loans to your users. To get started, you'll need a control center account.