In this article, we’ll be showing you:
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To access your contract, select “Account” on the left-hand navigation bar. Under “Account Name” select the “Contracts” tab.
For each product type, Even uses its vast consumer data set and machine learning-powered algorithms to value each offer and pay partners in real time through our Real Time Pricing (or RTP) model. The price returned will vary depending on dozens of variables, including the product in question, the financial profile of the user, and the likelihood of ultimate conversion.
Even will programmatically assign a variable dollar value in real time to each offer and pay partners for each unique click into an offer (i.e., a payout). If the lead clicks into multiple offers, the payout will be the highest dollar amount of any of the offers clicked on by the lead.

Starter, Growth, and Scale Plan packages can be compared here.

If you select a Starter or Growth subscription, each is available for either three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month terms. (If you are interested in a Scale subscription, please contact us.)
The plan fee can be paid up front and in full, or on a monthly basis. Each time you wish to create and publish a new integration, you must pay the corresponding implementation fee. The implementation fee can be paid up front while purchasing the plan or before publishing the integration. If you choose the monthly billing plan, we charge on or around the same date of your original purchase during the corresponding months. (For example, If the date of purchase was September 7th, you will be charged again the next month on October 7th.)
If you pay up front for nine or 12 months, you are eligible for a 5% or 10% discount on the platform fee, respectively.
Note: No discounts are applied to the implementation fee.
Auto Renewal
Your plan will be auto-renewed unless you have canceled the subscription before the renewal date. Discounts that were applied upon purchase will remain valid after auto-renewal.
In the event that the auto-renewal payment fails, you will receive an email notification. If you are unable to resolve the payment within five working days, you will lose access to all features in the Control Center. In order to regain access to the Control Center, you will need to purchase a new plan with a 1.5% interest charge for the prior failed payment.
Cancelation Policy
You are able to cancel at any time by going to your Control Center account settings. Upon cancellation you will be charged the remaining balance, depending on the plan and billing cycle you have chosen. If you decide to cancel your plan earlier than expected, you will still have access for the remainder of your original plan duration.
For example, if you opt for monthly payments and decide to cancel, you will be billed for the remaining months under your plan. Alternatively, if you opted for an upfront payment and decide to cancel, you will still have access for the duration of your plan with no additional charges as you have already paid in full. In both instances, whether you pay up front or monthly, cancelling your plan will prevent you from being auto-renewed.
If you have purchased a Starter Plan, you have an option to upgrade to the Growth or Scale Plan. If you have purchased a Growth Plan, you have an option to upgrade to the Scale Plan. (If you want to upgrade to Scale, please contact us directly.)
To upgrade to Growth, the platform fee will increase from $499 to $2,499 per month. The upgrade will take effect on the day you pay the additional platform fee for the Growth Plan. Discounts are available for nine- and 12-month pay upfront plans.
If you decide to upgrade before your subscription ends, the remainder of your prepaid amount will be deducted from your new plan fee.
For any questions or concerns on upgrading, feel free to contact us.
To downgrade, please contact us.
In order to start receiving payments from Even Financial, we ask that you visit the "Account" page in Control Center and navigate to the "Payout Settings" tab in order to submit the appropriate information.
We require that you provide the following details:
  • Email address (this address will be associated with payouts for your account)
  • Completed W9
Even Financial will take up to 3-5 business days to set up your account. You will receive an automated email notification from to provide banking information for your account.
Note: No payments will be sent from Even Financial until your banking information is set up on
You will receive your monthly payments on the 30th of the following month.
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