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How to Create Informative Data Dashboards for Fintech

In today’s era of big data, especially when it pertains to advertising and finance, it’s critically important to be able to utilize the data your organization has for rapid insights and meaningful intelligence. At Even, data is the lifeblood of our marketplace operations and we dive deep into the data that we collect to articulate insights and findings, all of which help our teammates make rapidly well informed decisions. This is only possible via well curated analytical dashboards that are thoughtfully designed by our analytical teams, to help provide the maximum amount of insight possible to our operational teams.


To produce a great dashboard, we need to follow a discovery, design, and execution process where stakeholders are engaged regularly to identify key points of interest. The following need to be considered for a great dashboard:




  • What business questions are we trying to answer? To keep the dashboard tidy and easy to understand, make sure the business questions are clearly defined and that the dashboard is designed specifically to answer those questions.
  • Who is the intended audience? Everyone has a unique communication style, and some people will want more information than others on the dashboard. Consider the audience’s role and responsibilities, and what additional ancillary information they need before designing the dash. 
  • Is this expected for an ongoing, one time, or periodic use case? Dashboards will require different levels of information and visualizations depending on how often they are used. A longer term monitoring dashboard will likely require easy to understand data visualizations, whereas dashboards optimized to one time or periodic use cases may require less visuals and more raw data.




  • Selecting the right visualizations for the data: Identify the right visualizations for the information you are trying to show. If you’re monitoring things over time, best to use a line chart or bar chart.. If you’re just looking to provide aggregate data, a pie chart could be beneficial!
  • Keeping the layout of the dashboard crisp and logical: Focus people to specific visualizations on the dash by highlighting certain charts over others, and clearly delineating “key” metrics from “supporting” metrics. This could involve enlarging certain charts relative to others, and establishing a logical flow for the dash that walks the viewer through a data story. For example, you could create a summary section at the top of the dashboard, and then proceed to  more granular levels of analysis below the summary.
  • Detailed labeling and formatting: The devil is in the details with numbers—make sure units are correctly formatted and articulated on the dash, and that the dashboards have clearly labeled series and titles. This is especially important to ensure that viewers of the dashboard are consistently understanding the metrics throughout the dash.
  • Ensure a clean backend and easy to understand underlying queries: Make sure that the data sources from which you are pulling your data easily support the analytics you are trying to generate. This may involve working with your Data Engineering team or Analytics teams to perform ETL to ensure that you have everything you need in an easily accessible format.




  • Scope the dashboard out and break up the work into digestible chunks: While it may seem like a good idea to experiment with visualizations and produce things on the go, sometimes for a larger dashboard it’s more time efficient to produce a design spec and then break down the work into smaller chunks. This allows for rapid iteration of the design while still moving the dashboard forward towards completion.
  • Touch base regularly with stakeholders: Make sure to stay in touch with your stakeholders and partners throughout the process. Dashboards should be built to answer business needs—and it's rare that business needs stay unchanging over a long period of time.
  • Bake in time for final revisions: Before considering a dashboard is complete, make sure to add in a week or two for final revisions. This time will allow you to refine the metrics, visualizations, and layout of the dashboard to produce more meaningful insights.
  • Test the pipeline and make sure the dashboard runs in a performant manner: Be sure to perform test runs of the dashboard and perform regular QA on it for the first several weeks after launch. Not only does your dashboard need to produce the right insights to support decision making, but your audience needs to be able to get it in a quick way. Load times of 10+ mins are highly discouraged, and at Even we work to keep most dashboard load times below one minute!


At Even, we do all this and more for internal data dashboards, when we work with our enterprise partners to produce custom reporting dashboards, and during the process of developing the Even Benchmark Report. We strive to consistently enable our partners to make agile and proactive decisions by providing them extensive insights and transparency at scale. The above methodology makes that possible—and we hope you’re able to gather learnings from it to utilize in your own data dashboards! 

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Even features the industry’s largest multi-carrier, all-digital life insurance marketplace New York, New York – August 16, 2021 – Even Financial (“Even”), the leading search, comparison, and recommendation engine for financial services, has announced the launch of Haven Term and Haven Simple on its life insurance marketplace platform. Leveraging machine learning and advanced data science, Even solves a significant pain point in financial services customer acquisition by seamlessly bridging financial institutions and channel partners via its industry-leading API and embeddable solutions.   With the addition of Haven Term and Haven Simple, Even has further expanded its extensive network of premium life insurance offerings, strengthening its position as the industry’s largest multi-carrier, all-digital life insurance marketplace. Haven Life, which offers Haven Term and Haven Simple, and is backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), is known for its customer-centric approach and for its commitment to making life insurance more affordable and accessible. Haven Life’s term life insurance offerings will be available on Even properties and via its wholly owned subsidiary LeapLife.   “In these uncertain times, the majority of U.S. adults want the financial security of high-quality life insurance, but are often dissuaded by the complex application process and need to complete an in-person medical exam,” said Phill Rosen, Founder and CEO of Even Financial. “Haven Life’s groundbreaking, all-digital application experience brings tremendous accessibility and peace-of-mind to consumers. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Even platform.”   The launch of Haven Term and Haven Simple on the Even platform enables consumers to get matched with medically underwritten term life insurance policies that they can apply for and, if approved, purchase instantly online. While most Haven Term applicants will need to take a medical exam, Haven Simple applicants do not. Haven Life’s offerings expand the variety of life insurance options already available to consumers through Even’s API.   “Haven Life is committed to meeting life insurance customers wherever they are — and often, it's where they are managing the rest of their financial life," said Wade Seward, Head of Distribution Strategy at Haven Life. "On the heels of introducing even more affordable pricing for the Haven Term product, our partnership with Even Financial allows us to marry that affordability with greater accessibility to offer comprehensive financial protection to shared clients with ease and efficiency.”    Even entered the life insurance industry in 2020 through its acquisition of LeapLife, a leading insurtech and licenced life insurance agency. Since that acquisition, Even has worked with its large network of channel partners to make the process of getting personalized life insurance fast, easy, and accessible for consumers. In addition to Haven Term and Haven Simple, products offered by leading insurance companies including Lincoln Financial Group, Pacific Life, and Mutual of Omaha are available through LeapLife, Even’s life insurance platform. Companies such as TransUnion and Lantern by SoFi rely on Even’s embedded finance marketplaces to power 100% digital personalized life insurance policy quotes for their customers, with live agent support.   Even has continued its rapid growth trajectory in 2021 by reaching over $3 billion in consumer credit issued through its API and expanding its platform to over 800 partners. Earlier this year, Even was named one of “America’s Best Startup Employers'' by Forbes for 2021 and placed in the Top 50 of the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which recognizes the fastest growing tech companies in the world.   About Even Financial   Founded in 2014, Even Financial is a B2B fintech company that is transforming the way financial institutions find and connect with consumers. As the leading search, comparison, and recommendation engine for financial services, Even seamlessly bridges financial institutions (such as SoFi) and channel partners (such as TransUnion) via its simple yet robust API and embeddable solutions. Even turns any consumer touchpoint into a comprehensive financial services marketplace with full compliance and security at scale. The company is backed by leading financial services firms and VCs, including American Express Ventures, Canaan Partners, Citi Ventures, Fidelity’s F-Prime Capital, Greatpoint Ventures, Goldman Sachs, LendingClub, and MassMutual Ventures. Learn more at www.evenfinancial.com.   About Haven Life Insurance Agency   Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC (Haven Life) is re-thinking how people financially protect the ones they love. Haven Life is committed to delivering exceptional products, delightful purchasing experiences, and meaningful moments of service to the modern life insurance customer. Haven Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy (ICC21 Haven Term in certain states, including NC) issued by C.M. Life Insurance Company (C.M. Life), Enfield, CT 06082. In New York (DTC-NY), and California (DTC-CA), and other states, it is issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001.    Policy and rider form numbers and features may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Haven Term is available through Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC (Haven Life), whose agency license number in California is OK71922 and in Arkansas, 100139527. Both Haven Life and C.M. Life are wholly owned subsidiaries of MassMutual.   Please note that issuing the policy or paying its benefits depends on the applicant’s insurability, based on their answers to the health questions in the application, and their truthfulness.   MassMutual and its subsidiaries C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company are rated by A.M. Best Company as A++ (Superior; Top category of 15). The rating is as of June 1, 2021 and is subject to change. MassMutual has received different ratings from other rating agencies.   Media Contact media@evenfinancial.com    
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