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What Our Partners are saying

Building meaningful, long-lasting relationships

"... generating some of the highest approval rates and conversion rates among our online acquisition partners. The transparency and focus on data have allowed us to drive consistent growth and success each month. "

Bill Walsh, VP Personal Loans Marketing

"... a streamlined consumer experience, helping millennials with no collateral, budget, or saved money. Even’s impressive matching algorithms simplify the process of finding the best personal loans to meet your needs."

Kyle Taylor, CEO

"... a truly modern and easy to use platform for the financial services marketing world. They make it easy to develop consumer friendly, innovative products in a space dominated by legacy platforms."

Sam Yount, Founder (Former CMO, Lending Tree)



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Even Ranked Top 50 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500
Even Ranked Top 50 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500
Even is ranked within the Top 50 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, a prestigious list that ranks the fastest-growing technology and life sciences companies in North America. To see the full list of winners click the button below. 
A Fintech Conversation With Even Financial and TransUnion
A Fintech Conversation With Even Financial and TransUnion
Even CEO/Founder Phill Rosen recently sat down for a conversation with our enterprise partner TransUnion’s SVP, Chief Product Officer Hilary Chidi and Benzinga Staff Writer Spencer Israel to discuss the current state of fintech, the impact of COVID, and more...  You can watch the video here: Click Here Click below to read an article about the learnings from the conversation. 
Even has won the Data Innovation Award from the 2020 TearSheet Data Awards
Even has won the Data Innovation Award from the 2020 TearSheet Data Awards
On June 8th, 2020, TearSheet announced the winners of the 2020 TearSheet Data Awards, and Even won the Data Innovation Award. They said: “Even is moving the financial services industry from an era of customer acquisition based on mismatched static ads, to one where more personalized offers are matched to consumers in real time.”