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It is the policy of Even Financial, Inc. to respond to customer inquiries swiftly and to take each seriously. This policy comprises inquiries such as general questions about products and services, when a consumer expresses dissatisfaction with products, services and/or business practices, regardless of whether such dissatisfaction is expressed verbally, in writing or by electronic or other means. All inquiries are recorded and tracked through an automated system.

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What Our Partners are saying

Building meaningful, long-lasting relationships

"Lending Club has enjoyed a prosperous relationship with Even Financial, generating some of the highest approval rates and conversion rates among our online acquisition partners. The transparency and focus on data have allowed us to drive consistent growth and success each month."

Bill Walsh, VP Personal Loans Marketing

"Even’s technology platform provides a streamlined consumer experience, helping millennials with no collateral, budget, or saved money. Even’s impressive matching algorithms simplify the process of finding the best personal loans to meet your needs."

Kyle Taylor, CEO

"Even has built a truly modern and easy-to-use platform for the financial services marketing world. They make it easy to develop consumer-friendly, innovative products in a space dominated by legacy platforms."

Sam Yount, Founder PersonalLoanPro (Former CMO, Lending Tree)

"We are proud to partner with Even Financial. Their wide-reaching network and tech integrations bring in qualified, high-converting leads, and their team has been a pleasure to work with."

Andrew Zoeller, Digital Program Director


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Goldman Sachs-backed Even Financial, a digital matchmaker between banks and customers, just bought an insurance startup as life insurers are seeing policy applications boom

Even Financial has acquired LeapLife, a leading insurtech platform. The addition of LeapLife allows Even to immediately commence its insurance capabilities, aimed at simplifying and enhancing the way consumers search, compare, and get matched with insurance policies (LeapLife’s existing platform will continue to operate from Business Insider wrote an article about it, interviewing our CEO and Founder Phill Rosen.